Our group appreciates the people who have dedicated themselves to helping mothers and babies. They deserve recognition and thanks for their efforts to protect, promote and support breastfeeding in our area. The following is a list of breastfeeding supporters who have greatly assisted families to develop happy and healthy breastfeeding relationships.

February 2007

Eva Bild
Mary Gadsby
Cynthia Grealy
Ruth McAllister
Swati Scott
Rhoda Taylor

November 2007

Carrol Duke
Karen Edwards
Sue Hoffman
Phyllis Hollinger
Susan Kangasniemi
Sue Lucy
Terry Lyon
Pam Martin
Audrey Trenholme

February 2008

Connie Harris
Janet Krenz
Bev Mathieson
Susan Miller
Irene Rathbone
Wendy Robb

Tammy Timms
Jennifer Wickens
Annette Gateley

The VIHA Breastfeeding
Clinics Staff

February 2010

Sonya Chandler
Kathryn Eagleheart
Kathleen Mackinnon
Lenora Marcellus
Julie McCracken
Richard Stanwick


hall of fame 2010

2010 Hall of Famers (from left to right)

Lenora Marcellus, Kathleen Mackinnon, Julie McCracken, Kathryn Eagleheart


hall of fame 2007

2007 Hall of Famers (from left to right)
Eva Bild, Cynthia Grealy, Ruth McAllister, Swati Scott, Rhoda Taylor